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what cái gì
whereở đâu
whytại sao
whenkhi nào
hownhư thế nào
how muchgiá bao nhiêu
how oftenhỏi tần suất
how long bao lâu
how farbao xa
what timemấy giờ
how much + N không đếm đượccó bao nhiêu
how many + N đếm được số nhiều    có bao nhiêu

Ex: How often do you learn English? - Twice a week.
      How long have you learn English? – For two years.
      How far is it from your house to your school? – It’s 3 km
      How are you? – I’m fine. Thanks.
      How old is your mother? – She is forty.
      Why do you go to the market? – To buy some food.
      How much is a pen? – it’s 3,000 dong.
      How many chairs are there in the class? – There are twenty.
      What time do you get up? – At 6 a.m.

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