Bài tập - Ngữ pháp - Thì hiện tại đơn

Xác định những câu sau đúng (Correct) hay sai (Incorrect).

Bạn cần phải đăng nhập để lưu kết quả học tập.

1. I walk to school yesterday.

2. She feeds her dog every day.

3. Does often she write to her pen pal?

4. Tom went to bed at twelve o’clock every night.

5. Tom lived in London three years ago.

6. Kate usually opened the office, but yesterday Mike opens the office.

7. The moon went around the earth.

8. She always teach English for orphans and disabled children at the local pagoda at the weekend.

9. Jane usually answers the phone but yesterday Ben did.

10. My uncle bought a new car last week.