Bài tập - Ngữ pháp - Các thì (tt)

Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành các câu sau.

Bạn cần phải đăng nhập để lưu kết quả học tập.

1. __________he playing football now?

2. Every morning, I often sit in my garden and____ to my nightingale sing.

3. She__________ lunch by the time we arrived.

4. Yesterday, I _______ for work late because I _______ to set my alarm.

5. By the time we ____ to the train station, Susan _____ for us for more than two hours.

6. After he ____________ his English course, he went to England to continue his study.

7. The train _____ when we got to the station.

8. Almost everyone _______ for home by the time we arrived.

9. They ____the exercise when their teacher comes back.

10. By Christmas, I ____ for the company for five years.

11. We ______ exam at 8 o’clock next Monday.

12. By the end of next year, my son _______ English for six months.

13. I will contact you as soon as I ___________the information.

14. “ How long have you been with the company?”
“ I ______ there for ten years by September”

15. He left today, which is Tuesday, and he _______back tomorrow.

16. I ________a famous pop star when I'm older.

17. I just want to know what you__________ at this time tomorrow afternoon.

18. I am reading this novel. By the time you come back from work I _________ it.

19. A: You’re just missed the last train!
B: Never mind, I_______.

20. Whenever she came to see me, she _____ something to my children.

21. The chairs _______ from the ballroom before the dance begins.

22. Clare _______five years old next month.

23. If he's late again, I_____ very angry.

24. I ______ an exam next October.

25. “Can I come by for my check tomorrow?”
“ Yes, by then I _______ time to go to the bank”

26. There is going to be a bus strike. Everyone______ to work

27. A: “The phone is ringing”
B. “ I ______it”.

28. We should learn how to choose our words carefully or they ______ our speech silly and vulgar.

29. You ________ to take the entrance exam if you fail GCSE exam.

30. Do you think that _________ pass your exams in June?

31. There are a lot of black clouds in the sky. It _______.

32. She hopes that he ___ to the party.

33. A: You’re just missed the last train!
 B: Never mind, I__________.

34. Mary, ________we go to the cinema?

35. You_______ something to drink, won’t you?

36. What _______ next Sunday morning?

37. A: Why are you getting out the jack?
B: We have a puncture and I_________ the wheel.
A: I_________ you.

38. A: I’ll ring you tomorrow at six.
B: No, don’t ring at six. I ________ the baby then ring later.

39. What________ do tomorrow, girls?

40. I’ve just enrolled at the local technical college. I_______ pottery classes next winter.

41. A: Why are you peeling that bit of garlic?
B: I________ it in the stew.

42. A: ________ me your fishing rod?
 B: yes, of course. Where __________ .

43. A: Why are you getting out the jack?
B: we have a puncture and I________ the wheel.
A: I________ you.